Our core area Corporate comprises all legal aspects surrounding classical corporate law, dispute resolution before a court or an arbitration tribunal, the broad range of transactions, including mergers & acquisitions, and advice on business and asset successions.

Implementing joint strategies in with legal certainty

Corporate law traditionally is a key area of our consulting services. This includes partnerships, corporations and corporate groups. We advise companies on the appropriate choice of legal forms, on the drafting of articles of association and shareholder agreements, on the entry and exit of shareholders as well as on the planning and structuring of business and asset successions.

Securing change processes legally

An important component of our activity is supporting the restructuring of companies and ¬groups of companies. The subjects of our advice and support are corporate transformations – especially mergers, spin-offs and splits, changes of the legal form as well as the structuring of company groups through company contracts or incorporations. We represent our clients in typical conflict situations, such as conflicts between majorities and minorities or conflicts between management and shareholders.

Resolving conflicts confidently

With our extensive litigation and arbitration experience, we can also represent our clients in conflicts with confidence. Here we achieve the optimum results in all kinds of constellations: for example, challenges to shareholder resolutions, dismissal of board members, compensation claims in connection with restructuring measures or conflicts with withdrawing shareholders.

Completing transactions successfully

As an experienced commercial law firm, we support clients at each stage of corporate acquisitions and sales, mergers, investments, joint ventures and management participations (buy-out and buy-in). We can also conduct complex transactions competently and bring them to a prompt success in a team with our specialists in employment, distribution and commercial law.


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