As a commercial law firm with a multidisciplinary team of experienced attorneys, we advise our clients on all questions of banking and capital market law, trade and distribution law, antitrust law, product liability and insurance law. In an export-oriented economy, legal remits have ever more frequently global perspectives.

Legally secure berths

As a longstanding partner of domestic and foreign companies, we enjoy a profound trust and share our experience with cross-regional and international operations. Our clients include both young, dynamic start-ups in the digital business as well as established, equally dynamic companies from the German mid-sized sector.

Variety of markets, variety of solutions

Together with the respective company, we develop tailor-made solutions. We show our clients the legal framework and the effects of different options so that they can implement their ideas and perceptions in a targeted manner. Due to our many years of consulting experience, we are familiar with corporate practice in numerous industries and markets. Our team of more than 16 attorneys provide our clients with competent and reliable advice in all areas of commercial law.

A focus on client success

A straightforward and good communication is important to us. Our legal advice lives in and from the personal relationship to our clients. Apart from our demand on ourselves to provide professionally excellent work, the satisfaction and success of our clients is our utmost goal.


Contact person:

Dr. Frank Dehn

Certified attorney for intellectual property law, Partner

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Dr. Georg Gellißen

Associated Partner

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Dr. Lars Maritzen

Attorney, Associated Partner

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Inga Rau


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Dr. Martin Starck

Attorney, Of Counsel

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