With our extensive experience in administration law, we represent both companies and the public sector in all matters of public commercial law. Entrepreneurial activity and economic acts on the market are not only subject to private law. Entrepreneurs must often observe numerous rules of public law. Apart from public construction law, environmental law, emission law and issues relating to contaminated sites are the main areas of our practice here.

We are active for our clients on all issues which result from the requirements of environmental law for air, noise, vibrations, water, sewage and soils. We accompany approval procedures for trade and industry. REACH, safety law and substance law are further focal points of our work.

Private school law

KLEINER Rechtsanwälte has advised and represented operators of all kinds of private schools offering general and vocational education throughout Germany for more than 25 years now. The law firm additionally advises private school associations. The focus of its consulting and representation activities is on:

  • Foundation of private schools
  • Approval of alternative schools
  • Recognition of alternative schools
  • Registration and recognition of supplementary schools
  • Financing of private schools
  • Teaching permits for teachers
  • Approval of school heads
  • Communication with the school supervisory authorities
  • Transfer of private schools
  • Employment conditions of teachers
  • Status establishment processes for teachers
  • Contract management

Digital economy

Traditional and innovative business models as well as product and contract design in the digital economy are subject to special legal requirements. We support companies in their identification and implementation.

With increasing digitalisation issues of IT compliance, particularly data protection and data security, are becoming important in more and more fields of business. New technical options, e.g., the evaluation of large quantities of data, and the increasing networking of different objects and processes, commonly known as “Big Data” and the “Internet of Things”, require legally innovative, discerning concepts. Subject of our consulting work is the observance of all regulations in the IT law sector. We support and advise companies on in all issues of recording, saving and the further use of communication and other data, the transfer of data to third countries and data processing by third parties.

Technical and organisational demands on communication equipment, the review of security concepts, requests for information and the implementation of monitoring actions regularly pose questions for companies in the digital economy for which we develop legally sound and practice-oriented solutions and offer support in dealing with authorities.


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