Kleiner Rechtsanwälte Hosting Law Firm Alliance Spring 2018 Meeting

Kleiner Rechtsanwälte is delighted to inform that we will host the upcoming law firm alliance spring Meeting in Stuttgart, Germany, on May 3rd, 2018.

The Law Firm Alliance is a global network of midsize law firms located in different geographic regions all over the world in order to provide clients with competence and responsive legal services all over the world. The meeting in Stuttgart will be the second meeting in Europe and the first one in Germany.

Christoph Kleiner, founding partner of Kleiner Rechtsanwälte, who currently is a member of the board of directors of the Law Firm Alliance (LFA) proudly welcomes the representatives of the LFA members. 

The meeting schedule will feature inter alia discussions on business development and workshops for the different management forums. Furthermore, a benchmark discussion and the consequences and different scenarios for Brexit will be discussed. Apart from the professional topics, the rich economic and cultural history of the city of Stuttgart will be showcased to the attendees.

Since the LFA board of directors is focussing on expanding the global presence of the LFA, several new and possibly new member firms will join the more than 55 member firms in their discussions.